In December, I decided to ask Courtney to draw a picture of my miniature schnauzer, Zenith, as a Christmas gift to my husband. Because I asked for the drawing only a few weeks before the holiday, I told Courtney that although I wanted to give the drawing as a Christmas gift, I understood if the timing didn’t work out because of the lateness of my request. Of course, Courtney was able to complete the drawing in record time, and I was able to give it to my husband as a Christmas gift. It is a perfect likeness of Zenith. Courtney captured the look on Zenith’s face with amazing accuracy—innocence after doing something naughty. My husband absolutely loved it, and it’s hanging above the couch in our family room where we can enjoy it every time we walk into that room. I’m continually amazed by Courtney’s artistic ability.

I found out about Courtney through word of mouth. I wanted a charcoal drawing as a gift. I was extremely happy with the result! The drawing was exactly what I was looking for and I would strongly recommend her!

I was hesitant to hand off a cherished drawing, for refurbishing, to Courtney. My husband had drawn it before he passed. She could sense my apprehension and completed the drawing quickly and met me personally to get the piece back to me as quickly as possible. I cried when I saw it and would recommend her with great enthusiasm.

My parents absolutely loved it. It still makes my mom teary-eyed. Thanks again Courtney!!

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